Rates And Conditions

Year to April 2011

My current rates are £140 per day, or £10 per sample flot bag / charcoal spot sample bag plus a report charge.

All fees are negotiable based upon number and content of samples.

I believe I offer very competitive rates within the commercial environment. As an independent trader I do not have the costly overheads associated with University establishments, and am able to pass this saving on to the client.

Rates are adjustable for assessment type reports and dependent upon the level of analysis you require, which is to be discussed prior to commencement of work.

All fees will be invoiced upon completion of the work, except in cases of larger sites where a part-payment may be required upon completion of an agreed stage. Site visits are typically charged at the daily rate plus expenses incurred. I do not provide long-term storage for your material and all samples will be returned upon completion of work. Costs of return postage / courier for all material will be billed to the client and receipts provided.

All fees are due within 30 days or one calendar month of your receipt of invoice. Acceptance of a quote is acceptance of these terms and conditions.