Services Offered

Archaeobotanical Services Glasgow can offer you the following services:

  1. Identification of carbonised and waterlogged plant remains, including cereal grain and weed seeds, as well as plant elements which are often ignored such as burnt peat, rhizomes and heather fragments.
  2. Identification of wood charcoal and waterlogged wood.
  3. Assessment level environmental reports to Historic England and Historic Environment Scotland specification standards.
  4. Full environmental reports to publication standard.
  5. Sampling strategy consultation, site visits and advice on the processing methods appropriate for your material.
  6. Identification and preparation of material for submission for radiocarbon dating.

Archaeobotanical Services Glasgow does NOT offer the following:

  1. Process bulk environmental samples. Please do not send me unprocessed bags of soil. Advice can be provided for the best way to deal with your material if you do not have access to a flotation machine or laboratory. All unprocessed soil will be returned and you will be billed for postage / courier charges.
  2. Sort through bulk unsorted residue / retent portions from flotation. Again advice can be provided on how to proceed with this.